Various facilities to our students are as follows :
1. Bus pass 
2. Passport
3. Driving Licence
4. Earn While You Learn
5. Psychology Welfare Cell
6. Women Cell
7. Placement Cell
8. Department Wise Committe

Earn while you learn (EWYL)

Haryana government and EWYL scheme

The Higher Education Department of Haryana has introduced this scheme for govt. and aided colleges. Under the scheme the students could be engaged in following areas  : 1. Laboratories 2.library 3. Office  4.  IT. related work 5. Community  services .


1.   Giving the students an opportunity to acquire worexperiences while learning.

2.   Mitigation of economically backward students hardship.

3.   Inculculcation of dignity of labour including values of hardwork

4.   Enhancement of skill adding to employability , strengthening of resourcefulness to take up better jobs


Students benifitted from scheme in college

Session                                                  No of students

2016-17                                                          10

2017-18                                                          10

2018-19                                                          12

2019-20                                                          12

2020-21                                                          15



Criteria for students selection :


1.   Priority will be given to those :

(a)who are academically bright students.

(b)who are clear in all subjects

(c) who do not have parents (mother / father or both)

2.   BPL card holder students will be given preference

3.   Only those students will be considered who are not availing any other scholarship.

4.   Commitment for work will be judged by the committee members.