The Code of Conduct/ Rule Book of the institution is displayed on the college website/ college portal. The College Council members monitor the proper adherence to the Code of Conduct of the institution. At the beginning of the session, an Orientation/Induction programme is organized for the new students to make the students aware about the Code of Conduct of the college and its adherence. 

The Code of Conduct is as under:-




  1. To maintain discipline in and out of college campus and zero tolerance for ragging     


  1. To respect and obey your Respectable Principal and Respectable Teachers.

  2. To perform all the activities and work assigned by your teachers and Principal.

  3. To maintain proper hygiene.

  4. To keep the college campus, your surroundings and your classrooms neat and clean. 

  5. To take part in sports and extracurricular activities. 

  6. To maintain maximum attendance and to attend all the classes regularly.

  7. To seek guidance and counseling from your mentors whenever required. 

  8. To help other students in the college.

  9. To take care of the equipment and college property and not to damage them.

  10. To ensure proper utilization  of labs, library and other ICT facilities. 

  11. To study with full devotion and sincerity and not to use any unfair means in the examination. 




  1. To maintain discipline in college. 

  2. To ensure efficient and smooth working of the institution. 

  3. To ensure regular attendance and efficient teaching by the staff. 

  4. To maintain inflow of college resources, infrastructure and other necessary services required in the college.

  5. To ensure efficient working of the office by the administrative staff. 

  6. To help the staff maintain cordial relations with all.

  7. To oversee all the activities organized in the college and also out of college. 

  8. To provide every support needed for the progress of the college.

  9. To undertake projects and assignments for the betterment of the students and the staff.

  10. To ensure proper and timely utilization of all funds and grants for the development of The college.

  11. To ensure support, service and welfare of the students and the society.

  12. To resolve all the complaints or grievances of the students and the staff promptly.




  1. To teach with full devotion, efficiency and sincerity. 

  2. To ensure efficient teaching and regular attendance as per university norms.

  3. To ensure adherence and  implementation of instructions and duties assigned by the Head/Principal. 

  4. To ensure regular assessment and evaluation of the students.

  5. To develop or provide resource material for students for effective teaching and learning. 

  6. To ensure service to the society and welfare of the community. 

  7. To promote curricular, co‐curricular and extra‐curricular activities and to motivate the students to participate in various activities at various levels- college, inter-college, university, state, national and international. 

  8. To ensure guidance/counseling/ mentoring of the students.

  9. To ensure periodical meetings with parents about the progress of their wards. 

  10. To ensure professional development by carrying out research work or by regularly publishing research papers and by participating in seminars/conferences/workshops etc. 

  11. To contribute to the activities beneficial for accreditation of the institute. 

  12. To ensure compliance with all the work pertaining to examination, assessment and evaluation.

  13. To undertake projects for the betterment of the students and to utilize grants and funds for the development of the college. 

  14. To restrain from the practice of  taking private tuitions or indulging in unfair practices. 




  1. To maintain network connectivity and PCs. 

  2. To resolve any complaints received from students and staff regarding PCs or network connectivity.  

  3. To maintain printers, scanners, all instruments/equipments in the laboratories in a working condition at all times.  

  4. To maintain discipline in the labs. 

  5. To dispose of or write off items in  accordance with the procedure laid down by the Department of Higher Education. 

  6. To take steps to prevent misuse of internet connectivity by the students. 

  7. To prepare the lab schedules for the students and display the same on the notice boards.

  8. To record and maintain the attendance of the students. 

  9. To help students with practicals in the laboratory.  

  10. To conduct lab examinations as and when required. 

  11. To keep the labs clean and presentable at all times.

  12. To perform any other duties assigned by the Principal/Heads of the Departments/Associate and Assistant Professors. 




  1. To prepare and issue Library cards to students. 

  2. To issue books to students on their demand and as per the library rules. 

  3. To maintain a fine collection register.

  4. To display new arrivals on the display shelf in the library.  

  5. To highlight and maintain a  file/record of cuttings of news items pertaining to the institution.

  6. To keep the library clean and  presentable at all times.

  7. To maintain a day wise record of students and faculty members' visit to the library.

  8. To compile requirements of books, journals, magazines etc. periodically for further procurement. 

  9. To take care of library automation and update the same from time to  time.

  10. To carry out annual verification and prepare lists of books which are outdated and damaged beyond use.

  11. To perform all the duties assigned by the Principal/Library Committee Head/Associate and Assistant Professors.




  1. To scrutinize admission and eligibility documents and registers of admission. 

  2. To supervise and maintain personal files of staff and faculty. 

  3. To maintain discipline and work schedule of class III and IV employees. 

  4. To scrutinize the attendance register of  staff and present it to the  Principal daily for counter signature.

  5. To maintain records and registers of all kinds of leaves availed by all the employees.

  6. To maintain movement register for the staff under office administration. 

  7. To supervise daily reports received from security and other sections of the college. 

  8. To initiate disciplinary action as per the instructions of the Principal.

  9. To render guidance, assistance to  accounts and other departments whenever required.

  10. To initiate and record all  correspondence and intimate the same to the Principal /HODs and committee heads. 

  11. To deal with all matters related to the University.

  12. To maintain all the files duly numbered and updated in all respects.

  13. To supervise control of the admission section, but not to deal with admission matters directly or indirectly without the Principal's permission. 

  14.  To receive parents, visitors, guests, dignitaries in a dignified and delightful manner.

  15. 15. To perform all the duties assigned by the Principal from time to time. 





  1. To check the website of the Department of Higher Education and University for notifications, circulars etc.

  2. To maintain personal files of  teaching and non-teaching staff. 

  3. To maintain attendance registers  of teaching and non-teaching staff.

  4. To maintain service books and ensure entries are complete in all respects.

  5. To maintain attendance and leave  records of each employee of the Institution. 

  6. To maintain all the files duly numbered updated in all respects. 

  7. To do all the typing work pertaining to the office correspondence.  

  8. To maintain original documents of students in individual folders neatly like- marksheets, degree certificates, transfer certificates, migration certificates, caste certificates, caste validity certificates (if the students are from reserved category) etc. The original documents shall be returned to the students on completion of the verification. 

  9. To issue bus passes to the students. 

  10. To receive scholarship forms for students belonging to SC, ST, OBC etc. categories and submit the same to the department along with caste validity and other documents complete in all respects within the time limit prescribed by the department under the supervision of Principal. 

  11. To issue No Dues certificate, Transfer certificate, Character certificate etc. to students.

  12. To be courteous/polite while interacting with students, visitors, staff, parents, any stakeholder of the Institution and provide all the assistance required. 

  13. To perform any other duties assigned by the Principal from time to time

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