Online Centralised Admission Process


The link for the website directly opens the Online Admission Portal for the Department of Higher Education, Haryana. Click on to open the portal for registration and/or log in page to the admission form. The online portal shall direct the applicant to an integrated admission form, available to all who want to apply in any College/University of Haryana.


1.  Click on the “ New Registration” tab for a new registration, if you are a new user

2.    A web page containing the Online Registration Form will open, with “Candidate Details” on top, with a series of information required for the registration process of the admission,


NOTE: The details of applicants shall be autofilled, who have completed their class 12th from CBSE and Haryana Board of Education. Others shall have to manually fill their details.

The applicants can register in either Hindi or English.


3.    Fill all fields with the correct details. The fields marked (*) are mandatory.

NOTE: The mobile number shall be unique for every registration, which means that same mobile number cannot be used for registration for more than one admission form. The mobile number used for registration of one applicant shall remain exclusive to his/her admission form, only.


4.    Fill all the details in the given web page, and then click on REGISTER”.


5.   A pop-up dialogue box will appear on the web page to confirm that the applicant has registered successfully and shall contain the registration ID and password of the applicant. The registration ID shall be sent to the registered mobile number via an SMS also.

(Note the registration ID and password for future communication.)

6. Click on the applicant Login tab to fill the complete admission form.

7. Login with the Registration ID as username, the password, and then the given captcha.

8..   A dashboard with 7 tabs will appear on the web page after logging in.


9.    Click on “PERSONAL DETAILS” to fill the same.


10.    The details filled in the registration form will be pre-filled in the personal details section, and can be changed, if required*.


*  Any information or details can be changed before the final submission at any point of time, if necessary.


11.    After filling all the fields correctly the applicant shall click on the “Save


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